The parks of the Cornia vallery

The parks of the Cornia valley are to be found in the province of Livorno, just a stones throw from the Island of Elba, and taken together represent something unique in Italy. One entity composed of six distinct areas dispersed around the coast and the hillsides offers the chance to explore the history of the region, from the Etruscans up to the present day. A significant novelty is that the parks are all within easy reach one from the other, and thus give the visitor the chance to follow a “pathway” beginning on the coast in the parks of Sterpaia and Rimegliano, where the blue of the sea mingles with the green of the woodlands.

Passing from the seaside to history, the visitor moves on to the archaeological park of Baratti and Populonia, to discover the remains of the only Etruscan city built directly on the coast, basing its wealth on the exploitation of the nearby deposits of iron ore. From there a brief trip to the park of San Silvestro, where thousands of years of mining activity have left fascinating traces among the woods and hillsides of the Campigliese hinterland.

These woods and hillsides can be further explored in the park of Montioni (the largest of the six), where a walk in the forest brings the visitor upon the remains of a mining village of Napoleonic times, or again in the park of Poggio Neri, with its well laid out paths for trekking that open out onto glorious views over the valley.


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