Wine and oil city

Città del vinoThe Town Council of Suvereto is part of the nationwide groups of the “Associazione nazionale Città del vino” and the
“Associazione nazionale Città dell’olio”. These two products - wine and oil - are today the basis for renewed agricultural activity, an activity which aims at an ever increasing level of quality. The traces of this agriculture may be seen everywhere, both in the physical form and organisation of the countryside and in the cultural identity of the local inhabitants themselves. As such a visit to an oil press or a winery is an essential part of any visit to Suvereto.








The olive and its oil

OlivoThe olive tree competes fiercely with the cork oak for the title of most widespread plant in the countryside around Suvereto. The silvery green of its leaves covers much of the hillsides nearby, but also large areas of the plain are now characterised by its presence. Historically the olive has always held a primary role in the local economy. Since medieval times, the good years have seen oil production exceeding local needs and allowing export to the cities of Tuscany. About a hundred years ago there were some sixteen olive presses active in and around Suvereto, eleven of these powered by steam and the others by draught animals. Today there are two large modern presses and other smaller farm presses. A variety of local farms have in recent years begun bottling their own oil, which sells successfully in markets near and far. During local fairs and celebrations olive oil assumes its rightful role as the prince of local cuisine and has a permanent presence in the commercial life of the village.










The vine and its wine

In local peasant tradition wine was always perceived as a food rather than a drink, and local wines were produced as such. Recently, however, viticulture has become more specialised and with the institution of the DOC guarantee for the wines of the Val di Cornia (from 1989), these same wines have taken their place on the national and international stage. Suvereto thus came to the forefront in wine circles during the 1990’s - this slow growth being crowned in the year 2000 with the official recognition of a “Suvereto” zone within the Val di Cornia DOC dedicated to the production of highly prized red wines.
TralcioThe ever present Sangiovese grape has lately been joined by Cabernet, Merlot and other varieties, thus making local production a meeting place between tradition and innovation. Local wine producers are typically small or medium scale family-run enterprises. This generation-long passion for the family vineyard together with the favourable environment of the area has guaranteed a significant safeguard for the quality of the product. Local wines may be tasted and bought directly from the producer or in the shops and restaurants of the village, where there are regular fairs devoted to the enology and gastronomy of the area.







Terre di Suvereto